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How To Make Your Home Unattractive to Burglars

Invest in a Security System
A security and alarm system is important and can keep undesirables at bay. Breaking into your house would sound an alarm waking anyone in the vicinity of the noise. There are systems that can alert the authorities as soon as a home has been breached. You can also opt for some signage or have the siren at the front of your property to let thieves know that your home is off limits to them.

Utilize Light
Thieves usually operate at night when they are less likely to be seen so a brighter house is a less attractive house. Of course, you don’t want and shouldn’t have your house lit up like the fourth of July each night, but simply adding a floodlight system connection to motion detectors is enough deterrent to keep thieves away, once they cross the threshold a bright immediately shines on them revealing their positions.

Your Doors Could Use Some Work
Many would be robbers enter through the back entrance of a property, but this is a less likely occurrence if you have a double door, or security door, located at the back. This seemingly decorative door serves as a secondary barrier and can dissuade anyone trying to break in. Lockpicking is also another thing to watch out for, there are many advancements in door lock technology including smart knobs with biometrics. Try to look into these advancements as a professional lock pick can pick regular locks with ease. Opt for reinforced doors that won’t budge when blunt force is applied, and look into adding a bolt lock or deadbolt to your current setup.

Keep a Watchful Eye
Closed circuit surveillance cameras are becoming more affordable and useful in identifying criminals. Having a few cameras on the exterior of your property will likely discourage anyone trying to break in as the whole act would be recorded. Man’s best friend is another option, having a guard dog can serve as an alarm system and many former burglars have revealed that they are less likely to rob a house if a dog is guarding the premises.

These tips can form the foundation of securing your house from attacks by thieves and help you keep your possessions, and more importantly your family’s lives safe. Always be alert and on the lookout for any flaws that you can find in securing your house and tackle them at the soonest.

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